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Kosova Wine is a family-owned winery in the small, but perfectly situated Rahovec. The wines produced express the character of their unique vineyards. We identify with our rich territory, a 1000 ha land, which has proven of great potential over the years. It all starts in the vineyard. Our wines are made from grapes grown on vineyards managed by the winery, allowing us to bring consistent, high-quality fruit to the bottle. Quality is the always the key word at Kosova Wine: in the vineyards, in our winemaking and in our friendly customer service. A virtuous and dutiful approach is part of our family’s winemaking tradition.


Kosova WINE Sh.p.k, founded in 2011, located in the south-east of Rahovec, surrounded by the many vineyards planted in this province. Its main activities consists of producing quality wines and alcoholic beverages, an old family tradition. It is worth noting that the ancient artefacts The Wine Pot and Marble Plate with Illyrian inscriptions, dating back almost 2000 years, have been discovered in the exact place where our winery was built, a fact which proves the ancient tradition of wine cultivation. Kosovo Wine includes an area of 2150m², entirely covered and divided into 4 levels.Kosova WINE is equipped with the latest technology according to high European standards ISO 22000 (HACCP) regarding the selection, reception, processing of grapes and production of wine and raki.

In our cellar work has begun just in time for the 2015 harvest, with the latest modern equipment for a top quality wine. Starting with a pneumatic system to extract the grapes and moving on to its fermentation in stainless steel tanks, where a built in system controls its temperature during fermentation. Our high standard equipment together with our experience are fully worthy of producing excellent wines from grapes passionately grown in our land. A selected amount of our red wines are aged in optimal conditions in oak barrels with a capacity of 225 litters

The moderate continental climate combined with the Mediterranean current makes this area ideal for growing our unique vineyards and producing grapes and wines of a distinctive quality. The vineyards of our region stretch up to 350-600 meters above sea level.Kosova Wine wine production capacity is 1.5 Million liters, with about 12 different types of wine, and a target to further growth in the coming years. Thanks to ideal agro-ecological conditions, high technology, and professional staff, the company continues to maintain the tradition of producing high quality wines in Rahovec. In Kosova Wine vineyards you will find several red grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and we collect from local farmers other varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling Rhine, Riesling Italian, Vranac etc. Kosova Wine produces other alcoholic beverages too, such as Grape 'Grenjza' Raki, always bearing in mind the tendency to grow our pallets with other products.

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Our winery emphasized the importance of farming in the winemaking process: to make great wines you have to start with great grapes. Over time our vineyard is yielding better and better results. 


In the world of winemaking, the keys to success are the grapes and people that you work with. The whole production takes place in our estate under strict quality control standards.


Our rich land is the patrimony of our great wines. The combination of our soils, climate and the human factor provide the ideal climate in which our grapes can be grow

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