A peculiar artefact, found right where Kosova Wine cellar was founded, Amphora is an ancient clay vessel with a volume of 2500l, with an opening above and a smaller one at the bottom of it. This vessel dates from Illyrian times and served for wines storage since ancient times, a true testimony of the early culture of wine production in this region.

The Marble Plate

Based on archaeological research, it has been concluded that the municipality of Rahovec is an ancient settlement, which could date back from the early Illyrian-Roman era. In the housing complex of our Shehi family (proud owners of Kosovo Wine), close to the mosque and other buildings, guarded with fanaticism, is a marble plate engraved with clear Latin drawings testifying of the thousand-year history of grapes and wine cultivation in Rahovec. This particular marble stone, according to experts, dates back to the BC.

The Vineyards Terroir of Rahovec

The community of Rahovac is blessed with a great geographical position. It lies in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and belongs to the southeastern Europe. The territory includes the central and southern part of Dukagjin and is divided into three micro terrains which are: a plateau, hills and mountains. The territory lies in the northern hemisphere of the Ecuador with a degree of 420 30 'and 420 50' with an altitude of 350-600m. In our territory of Rahovec a continental climate prevails with Mediterranean influence. The annual rainfall in Rahovec reach 765 mm and the average temperature is 11.8 °C. July is the hottest month with a maximum temperature of 38.5 °C, while in winter the coldest month is usually February, with a minimum temperature of -14.5 °C. Most often winds blow north, north-east and west, and less often east, south and south-east. Based on archaeological research in the small town of Rahovec, evidence of ancient culture, civilization and remains of grapes and wine cultivation have been found.

We are a local winery with a sustainable focus and global reach.

Our vision is that we will continue to develop relationships with small producers in premier wine growing regions and be sustainably-oriented in our decisions and actions. We are committed to bringing you quality, environmentally friendly wines at a great value.

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Every bottle of KosovaWine has been crafted to pair with the many foods, moments, and emotions in our lives.

Long-standing tradition

Our name represents a long-standing tradition of producing premium wines from Kosova; it is your guarantee of outstanding quality and an uncompromising commitment to making great wine.

The best ingredients

We ensure our winemaker has the best ingredients to make excellent wine.

The creation of great wine

How we grow is just as important as what we grow. To us the concept of terroir is fundamental to the creation of great wine.

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